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  College is a matter of life and death and everything in between those two points. As a child I remember vividly those dates, like looking at a photograph, the deaths of loved ones. It is these past events that created in me the desire to help those hurting, those grieving, those sick, and those dyeing. It created in me a desire to become a hospital Chaplain. Such a task requires a foundation of experience compassion and knowledge. The first comes from life, the second from God Almighty and the third from College. In the case of Thomas Wagner, future Chaplain, college is a matter of life and death.


  As a young boy I remember the day when my parents picked me up from school to take me to lunch, that day I learned my mom had cancer, I was 11. The next two years I watched the ups and downs of this sickness as it destroyed my mother. When I was 13 that day came, I remember it all to well, “Wake up and tell your mother goodbye”, I can still hear my dad’s voice. Almost 30 years later that day is still alive and real. I still hear the  crying, I still see the tears, I still feel the press of my brothers body against mine as he sheltered me from watching them take my moms body out of the house. The impressions death left was nothing but pain, sorrow and torment. Death will affect the families it touches for a life time. In our case, it wasn’t a positive outcome it caused some in my family to grow apart.


 When I was in my twenties, my dad was attacked by this disease and once again the fight was on. He was strong, He fought a brave fight and He won the victory over kidney and prostate cancer but, it changed his life, it left its scars on him for the rest of his life. Nearly 20 years later at 89 my dad passed away after a week in a coma, Once again sickness and death rocked my family and though there were tears, this time it was a catalyst for change for some members whose lives changed drastically for the better.


 More recently, after taking her to the hospital, my best friend laid in a hospital bed sick with a serious illness and tormented by pain and nightmares. This strong self reliant woman who managed to be a single parent and run her own company, was now dependant on others and I seen in her eyes the toll this sickness was taking on her and the affects of it on those who love her.


Through life situations, through sickness, suffering and death and seeing how it can wreck a family or make others stronger, it created in me a desire and God gave me the compassion for others and now I turn to college to give me the knowledge needed to reach my goal of being a Hospital Chaplain which will give me a chance to be used by God to touch the lives of those who face sickness and death and to comfort the lonely and hurting and to be a light in the darkness that God desires us to be. So yes, in my case, my choice of Belhaven University is a matter of Life and Death and everything in-between.


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