Essay week 3 Improving My Academic Performance   Leave a comment

   My goal is to graduate Belhaven in the top 5% of my class.  The night of my first class,“Business 205 Time Management”, I realized I needed to change some habits using the tools I had been given in class to achieve my goal and bring Glory to God.
   The first area I need to change is my use of time.  I am implementing using a weekly task schedule in order to organize my daily life of work and school.   Through this I will be made aware of the time already accounted for and an idea of what time I have available to put to better use.  With this schedule I can clear my mind of wondering, “Do I have enough time?” or, “Am I forgetting something?”.  I won’t waste time or forget something using the weekly task schedule. 
   The second area to change is my focus.  I plan on focusing on one project at a time to stop spreading myself so thin.  Sometimes in doing research I get sidetracked and follow an inspiration that draws me away from the task at hand.  Keeping my focus on the project I am working on will improve the quality of my work and improve my grades.
   The third area to change is my organizational habits.  (I tend to scatter everything around — if I was better organized I would waste less time.)  I plan on using the CIA method in this problem area:
    1. Current: these are the supplies you need right now.
    2. Imminent:  things you will need in the near future.
    3. Archived:  things that can be filed because you will not be using them anytime soon.
This system will free up space around my work area and prevent a cluttered feeling while placing items I need within reach.  I will save time by not having to look for needed supplies and get the psychological boost of a clutter-free workspace.

   The fourth area I need to work on is limiting my distractions.  I lose much time and focus when I am interrupted on a regular basis.  The techniques I am using are:
1. Turning off the computer so I won’t check e-mails, Facebook, etc.
2.  Placing a “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door.
3.  Giving my cell phone to a family member to field my calls.
4.  Keep my back to the window to limit distractions.
   The last area I am planning to work on is improving my vocabulary.  From childhood we are taught “knowledge is power”, but without the words to ignite that power it is useless.  Words have power, and the stronger my vocabulary is the stronger I will be.
The Bible says “All things are possible to those that believe”.  I plan to honor God by implementing these strategies into my life.  I also believe this plan will be highly effective in improving my academic performance to be successful in college and help me attain my goal of graduation in the top 5% of my class at Belhaven University.


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